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Monstertruck Autoflower 5Pack

€ 25,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
  • GENETICS: 80% Sativa  20%ruderalis
  • THC: 22+
  • FLOWERTIME: 7-8Weeks
  • ODER: Kushy, Heavy Skunk
  • YIELD: 650-700 G/m2 Indoor - 180 G/pl Outdoor
  • GENDER: Feminized
  • LINEAGE: (Monsterbud x Ak47 Autoflower x Skunk#1)

    Monstertruck Autoflower

    By backcrossing the legendary Skunk with Monsterbud and AK47 Autoflower, we from SeedsGenetics, have created a strain with dense, thick buds that are known to be extremely pungent with a surprisingly sweet taste.
    What makes Skunk so revolutionary and well-respected is the fact that it has been utilized as the parent plant to many well renowned and heavy producing strains. Much as the name suggests, the aroma of Skunk tends to be overwhelmingly pungent with hints of earthy sweetness. Some smokers claim this strain tends to have a pleasing, skunky musky taste with a hint of sour. Skunk is a well-balanced strain that is a perfect option for daytime medical users.
    Monsterbud, similarly lives up to its name with its massive yields and quality buds that will knock you off your feet. A heavy hitter, Monster effects come on strong to soothe aches and pains, relieve stress, increase appetite, and promote deep sleep and rest. Monsterbud tends to produce tight, resin-packed buds that carry a deep herbal, diesel hinted smell.
    AK47 is, similarly to Skunk, a highly renowned strain. With a history dating back to 1992, AK47 has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards around the world for its soaring THC content. While AK-47’s scent has been described as earthy and slightly sour, its sweet floral overtones are only fully realized when smoked. It is an easy grow with a short flowering time.
    With this potent, rich lineage; Monstertruck Autoflower, produces a bold relaxing effect over the body and is a great answer for increased stress and pains. This strain is an extreme yielder for both indoor as well as outdoor growers alike. An easy grow with a fast flowering time, Monstertruck is certainly one to add to the collection.

    Fragrance: Kushy, Musky Skunk, Hint of sour sweetness

    Flavors: Heavy Skunky, Herbal/earthy

    Medical uses: : Stress, Headaches, Chronic pain, and even fatigue