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BlueWreck 1Pack

€ 9,50 (inclusief btw 21%)

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  • GENETICS: 70% Sativa Hybrid
  • THC: 18%+
  • FLOWERTIME: 7-8Weeks
  • YIELD: 550-600 G/m2 Indoor - 650 G/pl Outdoor
  • HARVEST TIME: Beginning of November
  • GENDER: Feminized
  • LINEAGE: (Blueberry x Trainwreck)


    Blueberry Trainwreck will leave your grow space with a skunky blueberry odor. A hybrid strain with heavy sativa influence; Blueberry is a world-renowned Indica-dominant herb with depression- crushing effects. Meanwhile, Trainwreck is a potent Sativa- leaning hybrid with the capacity to ‘destroy’ its users with its potent dense buds.
    In combination, it is a perfect option for pain relief with a clear headed cerebral high.
    This strain will compliment your daily activities without leaving you in a couch-locked cloud.


    Fragrance: Blueberry, tangy, sour, earthy- skunk

    Flavors: Sweet, earthy, berry

    Medical Uses: Stress, pain, depression. Great strain option for headaches.

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