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DreamSweet 20Pack

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  • GENETICS: 70% Sativa Hybrid
  • THC: 21%+
  • FLOWERTIME: 7-8Weeks
  • ODER: Manderin- Orange- Diesel
  • YIELD: 550-600 G/m2 Indoor - 650 G/pl Outdoor
  • HARVEST TIME: End of October
  • GENDER: Feminized
  • LINEAGE: (Tangerine Dream x Orange Diesel x Kush)


    DreamSweet is a unique Sativa heavy hybrid of Tangerine Dream and Orange diesel.
    Tangerine Dream has been highly regarded by growers as hearty plants, strong against common causes of damage to crops.  This may include being resilient against viral infection, temperature extremes, breaking, insects, mildew, mites, and infestations.  Its ability to knock out pain while increasing energy is what makes Tangerine Dream so special with its uplifting and euphoric high,  providing users with mental clarity while also deeply relaxing muscles. Containing high levels of THC, and citrusy orange pistils, the flavor of this strain is that of orange, lemon, tangerine and berries.  It is perfectly engineered to pack a punch.

    Orange Diesel, similarly, is world renowned for its sweet citrus flavor with a slight diesel aftertaste. With its dense buds that smell strongly of moist earth, jet fuel and orange; Sativa lovers adore this perfect blend of energy and clear-headed buzz. Orange Diesel has been known to help ward off depression, stress, chronic pain, and inflammation in some users while also providing a light energy overtone to their day.

    With such a strong lineage, DreamSweet is a hearty grow with worthwhile qualities any grower would appreciate. Leaving your garden smelling like an Orange Grove with a gasoline spillage, expect some phenos leaning towards Tangerine Dream to finish 9-10 weeks and Diesel leaning pheno will be done by 65 days.

    Fragrance: Orange, Diesel, Manderine

    Flavors: Intense Citrus, Smooth, Sweet

    Medical Uses: Stress, Fatigue, Chronic pain


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