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Gelato Pie 20Pack

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  • GENETICS: Mostly Sativa
  • THC: 24%+
  • FLOWERTIME: 8-9Weeks
  • ODER: Candy- Skunk- Aromatic
  • YIELD: 550-650 G/m2 Indoor - 1000 G/pl Outdoor
  • HARVEST TIME: End of October
  • GENDER: Feminized
  • LINEAGE: (Gelato 37 x Keylime Pie)

    Gelato Pie

    Gelato Pie is a mostly Sativa Hybrid born from the culmination of Gelato #37 and Key Lime Pie; making it one skunky strain!
    Gelato #37 gets its name from the powerful dessert-like, fruity aroma. Gelato #37 buds tend to be illuminated with rich fire orange hairs, and a shiny coat of thick crystal resins and deep rich purple hues. Packing a heavy- handed THC punch, Gelato may want to be approached with caution to novice smokers but is often delighted in for those with higher tolerance. A real beauty to both grow and toke, it has rich inheritable traits that any grower would find favor for.
    Key Lime Pie, much in tribute to its name, also packs a powerhouse of rich, trichome filled dessert- like buds that will leave your grow space smelling sticky, and delicious. Typically producing nugget-like buds, with a dense structure. The leaves themselves tend to be a vibrant green with some phenotypes having purple hues which stand out in a bright contrast.  
    Key Lime Pie also boasts a complex flavor profile. Most immediately, the buds have a fruity, slightly sour odor which may remind many of lime. After the initial smell you get hints of earthy spice.
    With this powerhouse lineage, Gelato Pie is strong favorite among tokers and growers alike,  with its dessert like qualities and trichome dense buds. Expect the flowering time on this beauty to range between 8-9 weeks.

    Fragrance: Dessert, Skunk, Sweet and Sour Candy

    Flavors: Minty, Sour, Musky

    Medical uses: Anxiety, Palpable body high, Heavy hitter for stress or to unwind after long day

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