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Red God Autoflower 3Pack

€ 35,50 (inclusief btw 21%)


  • THC: 21%+
  • FLOWERTIME: 7-8Weeks
  • ODER: Fresh, Candy-like, Pine
  • GENDER: Feminized
  • LINEAGE: (Red Jack x Blue God Autoflower)

    Red God

    Red God is a heavy hitting autoflower born from the crossing of Red Jack and Blue God. This is a one of a kind strain that strongly tends to develop bright purple and red colorations as she matures.
    This strain tastes fresh, sweet, and spicy, which makes its potent punch a bit surprising.
    Red Gods high is often characterized with words like: happy, relaxing, creative, and euphoric.
    Loved and desired for its sharp, sweet, candy-like flavors that pair beautifully with its remarkable resin production, and of course, an immediately uplifting high; this is a beautiful dense plant that will add a spark of both color and aromas to your grow space.

    Fragrance: Sweet, Fresh, Spicy, Pungent

    Flavors: Hashy, Sweet, Pine, Candy Overtones

    Medical uses: Inner Tension, Headaches, Anxiety



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