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About Us

Welcome to the Seeds Seedsbank website!
We from Seedsbank try to find different types / genetics
in certain countries and territories around the world in
order in order to retrieve and maintaincertain genetics.
This allows us to have a comprehensive and unique selection .
If you want some of the best quality and medical, then you're at
Seeds SeedBank at the right (web) address!
We Work with a great arsenal of genetics in every kind
of our beloved Cannabis, we try to to map all aspects of
the Dutch climate to maintain certain properties.
Because we do everything like mothernature, 100% Biologically,
all species are kept outdoors and open pollinated.
This creates species that are excellent in wet, humid and
windy low countries! Seeds Seedbank has a number of
potential crosses available, these species are grown in
every climate and are allotted on flowering time, the odor,
growth shape, production, fungal resistance and potency
of the harvest. And we have many Strains. we have re-introduced
Seeds OG which is a very fastgrape-flavoring species, With large long frosty colas!
Lots of fun and Seeds!